We’ve found an interesting personality quiz which can really tell you a lot about yourself.

It’s really quite simple. Have a look at your fingernails, and try to determine what shape they have, using the picture below to help you. If you can’t find your exact type, then just choose the one that’s the closest thing to what you have. Once you’ve found your type, read the description below and see if it matches your personality.

# Long and rectangular.

If your nails are best described as long and rectangular, then you are most likely a sociable, bubbly person with a good head on your shoulders. Whether it’s learning new facts or meeting new faces, you love fresh experiences and expanding your world.
When it comes to work, “measure twice, cut once,“ is your motto. You examine situations and problems from every angle, and you strive to always do the right thing. You’re meticulous and detailed, and you think everything through, right down to the nitty-gritty

# Broad and flat.

If you’d describe your nails as broad and flat, then you are no doubt a clear-headed, analytical person. Always careful to think before you speak, people often turn to you for your sound advice and keen observations. You’re a great judge of character, and your instincts can always be relied upon.
Because you’re such a studious person, you tend to enjoy building and crafting. You love creating new things and having your hard work pay off. You value usefulness over beauty, and you love thinking up clever solutions to tricky problems.