There are a lot of things that life that get caught up in the endless “expectations vs. reality” farce. Most of those things are related to advertising – after all, we wouldn’t buy certain products unless they were shown as being really, really great.

The trouble is, our high expectations usually come crashing down when reality sets in, and sometimes with hilarious results. Below are 24 people who probably had ridiculously high hopes for their products and projects, only to find that the truth of the matter is a bit more…disappointing. #5 must have been the saddest ice cream cone eater in the whole world.

#24. Obese horse cookies are just as delicious.


#23. Just me and you, my sweet burrito.


#22. In all fairness, Jon Hamm’s beard is unparalleled.


#21. Vegetarianism can get a little weird.


#20. The most disappointing cookie.


#19. The cat got bigger, the grass didn’t.