You may want to sit down for this – we are about to change the way you do everyday things. From eating that juicy burger to working it off in the gym later, we have the right way to do things, which may be different from the way you usually do! Read on and get ready to have your mind blown.

1. Despite what you have been told, the right way to keep your hair out of your face is to hold it up with the wavy side of a bobby pin facing down. pic_001 2. Summer means a piece of juicy watermelon to beat the heat. Do yourself a favour, and the next time you need to slice a watermelon do it crosswise instead of in slices. pic_002 3. Turns out, there is a “right” way of eating cupcakes. This will ensure you don’t make too much of a mess. pic_003 4. Pro tip: When you are at a table where wine is being served, hold the stem with your thumb and forefinger. pic_004 5. Running on the treadmill just became easier with this tip – coil your earphones around your ear to prevent them from falling off. pic_005 6. Write faster by holding your pen on the sides and with a comfortable grip. pic_006