After seeing these drastic before and after photos of people who have struggled with substance abuse, you will likely think about drug use in a whole new light. Drug use is not attractive or glamorous, in fact, it is quite scary and obviously harmful, as you can clearly see in these photos from Rehabs.

First of all, if you suspect someone you know may be in trouble, here are a few signs you should take note of:


If you or a loved one need help, contact 1-888-4-REHABS or another drug and alcohol helpline. You don’t have to go through this alone.

These photographs follow the lives of people who have struggled with the path of addiction over the past few years. From their first arrest to their most recent, we can see the harmful affects of drug use and how it has taken a toll on their lives.

#20. He looks really tired now.


#19. Change occurs fast.


#18. You don’t age well.


#17. You struggle to make regular facial expressions.