Let’s face it. There are weird things about every country in the world. Read these crazy facts about Japan and we’re sure that it will get you planning your next trip to The Land of the Rising Sun. After all, a country that encourages you to slurp your noodles loudly and nap during work sounds AWESOME, doesn’t it!

1. You can go to a ‘cuddle café’ to sleep next to a girl. No sex allowed!

pic_0002. Karaoke is a Japanese word which means ‘empty orchestra’.

pic_0013. ‘Blackface’ is a trend where people rebel against the traditional beauty standards of light skin over dark.

pic_0024. Japanese kids consider it cool to have crooked teeth called ‘yaeba’.

pic_0035. Want to compliment your chef? Slurp your noodles!

pic_000a6. Capsule hotels for easy overnight stays.