For the most part, people tend to be reasonable when they see their relationship coming to an end. Whether the reason is something as simple as two people growing apart or someone just changing the way they want to live their lives. When the end is near, it’s better to go your separate ways in a friendly and mature manner.

Yet, not everyone can handle with break-ups in the most grown-up way. Some cannot accept the union is dissolving. Others have a right to be upset when they find out the person they love and see a future with has been unfaithful. This makes the most sensible person want to wreak havoc.

The sweet, innocent, loving person is quickly replaced by someone who wants retribution. Take a look at the way some folks deliver their revenge. This may discourage others from ever starting a new relationship ever again.

#23. He broke up with her during rush hour.

lifebuzz-706531b6c8a5fb371c3667615c6042b3-limit_2000What if Jennifer changed her commute route that day?

#22. Nothing says break-up like a billboard.

lifebuzz-61bcda6e4f1ffc0dd2ccde97f11710a7-limit_2000Let’s hope she doesn’t divulge the video tape.

#21. The grossest way to teach someone a lesson.

lifebuzz-93971422c07b9764913a651d10748aed-limit_2000He’ll never drink tea again.

#20. It’s not fair the boat was put through this.

lifebuzz-0b669892e4a5e6a28acca05a014ed78d-limit_2000Other than the ugly messages, the boat works perfectly.

#19. Wow! That’s a lot of potatoes.

lifebuzz-ee696ea4617d4fccd6d0ddc51e6477d2-limit_2000Unusual way to get the message across.