Haven’t you ever wondered what it would be like to control the forces of nature? To make matter dance, to have complete power over the formation of ice, or to control the movement of liquid? Well, while ordinary humans do not possess that power, here are some really cool science tricks that can make others THINK you can!

#1. Flammable Gummy Bears


You can get an energetic reaction from candy by dropping it in a little heated potassium chlorate. The resulting reaction is extremely exothermic, meaning it releases heat.

Learn how to do it yourself here.

#2. Slowing Down Gravity


The cube being spun into the tube is actually a magnet. The magnet isn’t attracted to the copper pipe but to the magnetic field created by the pipe that interacts with the one from the magnet itself, slowing the fall.

Learn how to do it yourself here.

#3. Freezing Water Instantly


If you’ve been dying to control ice, just like in the movie Frozen, here’s your chance! Purified water can be cooled past freezing temperatures while staying as a liquid, as long as there isn’t a nucleus for the ice crystal to form, like an impurity in the water, or another piece of ice, as shown. The water is so cold that introducing an ice crystal causes a runaway freezing effect in the supercooled water.

Learn how to do it yourself here.

#4. Instant Hot Ice


When sodium acetate is disturbed enough to have a point of nucleation, the formula quickly creates crystals and lets off heat. Pouring the solution onto a plate then forms hot ice sculptures.

Learn how to do it yourself here.