We love going on holidays. Who doesn’t, right? I do too. I mean, if I could be writing this piece straight from a beach, with a beer in my hand it’d just be perfect, wouldn’t it? Another thing I really like is collecting boarding passes of the places I visit. No matter where I go, I make sure I keep my boarding pass with me. That way, years later, when I look at them, I get to relive my memory of that place. I even have a little book where I keep all of them, secretly stacked away. For it isn’t just a piece of paper, it becomes a story that I keep telling myself, time and again.

But there are those who don’t share my sentiments, those who just treat the boarding pass as a piece of paper, a ticket even. And that’s perfectly alright. To each his own, I guess. But apparently it’s not a good practice. It’s a terrible thing to do, in fact
airport-802008_960_720_1450263258_725x725Your boarding pass, even after the journey is over, can land you into a lot of trouble, should it land in the hands of the wrong person. According to, a security news and investigation website, most boarding passes have personal information of the passenger encrypted on them.
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