How would you react to being dropped out of a plane without a parachute, or buried alive? After crapping your pants, that is.

These people survived all of that and more, slapping Death in the face and telling it to go make them a sandwich.

7. Vesna Vulovic survives a 33,000 feet fall from an airplane.


On January 26, 1972, stewardess Vesna Vulovic was working an extra shift due to a technical error. She ended up taking the shift anyway, r. Now this itself would be painful but guess what? The mountain was stone cold frozen. So after falling into a coma, this total badass wakes up… and asks for a cigarette!


Vesna was paralyzed on her left side but continued to walk through sheer determination and truckloads of effort. She continued to fly and also got a Guinness World Record for any Highest fall survived without parachute. Now that’s BADASS!!!

6. Aron Ralston chops off his own arm.


So Aron goes off to take a nice, peaceful hike in the woods and he comes out, not missing a packet of chips stolen by a bear, but HIS ARM.

When Aron went mountain climbing, a boulder fell on him, pinning his arm. When the rock didn’t budge for five whole days, he realized that he needed to say goodbye to his arm if he wanted the rest of his body back.

VIDEO: Aron Ralston describes amputating his own arm that was caught under a boulder

So first he broke his arm by snapping it against the same rock. Then he took out his multi-use tool. This is the part where readers with weak hearts can probably close this window and open up a Calvin and Hobbes cartoon. So, back to the story. The piece of equipment was a fake so Aron had to cut through his flesh piercing it over and over again. Then he used pliers to cut through the tendons that the knife couldn’t handle. You can hear him describe how the flesh on his arm started rotting by the time he got free.

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