Sexy, beautiful and elegant – these adjectives may not always be used for women, but they can always be used for cars. Your car is your companion for your daily commute, and your soulmate when you want to go on a long drive. Last but not the least, it is your style statement when you want to impress girls. However, if you think you know cars and their brands like the back of your hand, think again. Here are a few facts you didn’t know about your favourite luxury car brand!

#10. The Spirit Of Ecstasy On The Rolls Royce Is Worth $40 Million.

Better known as the ‘lady on the bonnet of the Royce’, the Spirit of Ecstasy is an extremely expensive and integral part of the brand. So much so, that when BMW bought Rolls Royce in 2002, BMW paid $40 million so that they could manufacture Rolls Royces with the winged lady on the front.

#9. Lamborghini’s Murcielago Is The Real Batmobile.

famous-cars2-1444912039 (1)
The Lamborghini model that is driven by Bruce Wayne in Nolan’s Batman trilogy is a Murcielago which, in Spanish, literally translates to ‘bat’.

#8. Daniel Craig Has A Lifelong Access to Aston Martin cars!

For his role as James Bond, the macho Daniel Craig has now been awarded the privilege of taking any Aston Martin from the factory for the rest of his life.