An International Border is something that divides two or more countries. Naturally, we tend to imagine armed guards, patrol cars and all things unpleasant in association with borders.
Sometimes this is true while most times, it’s not. Take a look at these images of 23 International Borders across the world and get ready to be amazed!

22. Vatican City – Italy


The border at Vatican City is the entry to St. Peter’s Square.

21. United States – Mexico

There’s USA on the left and Mexico on the right! The border is about 2000 miles long.


Here’s a birds eye view.


20. Austria – Slovenia Alpine Border


A natural border

19. Finland – Sweden – Norway


Ever imagined a border that looks like it belongs on a postcard?

18. Poland – Ukraine


A festival is held at this border every year. The festival is called ‘The Land Art Festival’.

17. Argentina – Brazil – Paraguay


This border, that connects three South American countries, is called ‘The Triple Frontier’.

16. Costa Rica – Panama


The calm Sixaola River demarcates the two countries.

15. Haiti – Dominican Republic


Because of deforestation in Haiti, this border is known to be one of the most gorgeous borders in the world.