All throughout history there have been plenty of stories of some pretty crazy ghosts. Even more creepy though than a spirit who may be wandering around an old castle, is to think that a ghost resides within an item you have in your possession. Here are some of the most famous items that are apparently cursed and haunted.

1. Rudolph Valentino’s Ring

rudolf-valentino-ringWhen silent film star Rudolph Valentino purchased the tiger’s eye ring and showed it to a friend, that friend had a vision of Rudolph suddenly growing pale and dying. When Valentino finally did die, the ring was given to his lover Pola Negri. Negri died shortly after wearing the ring. Then, the man who played Valentino in a movie version of his life, Ross Columbo, died soon after as well.

2. George Meade Easby’s Chair of Death

chair-of-deathAnything with the name “Chair of Death” is freaky enough for me, but the story behind this one exemplifies it even more. Easby claimed to have seen plenty of ghosts before he died in 2005, but the freakiest encounter had to do with this chair. According to Easby, anyone who sat in the chair would be surrounded by a blue mist and then they would suddenly die. Four people took him up on this, and all four of them have died.

3. The Chest of Curses

chest-cursesJacob Cooley, a slave owner in the mid 1800s, had one of his slaves create a chest for his unborn son. When Cooley was unhappy with the work, he killed the slave. It’s said that other slaves then cursed the chest. Cooley’s son died while an infant, and since then 17 mysterious deaths have been attributed to the chest.