When you think of watching scary movies leading up to Halloween, you often aren’t going to be queuing up a list of documentaries. Fictional movies are terrifying in their own right (obviously, and wildly successful), but what couldn’t be more scary than something that really happened? We’re not talking about based on a true story, we mean talking to the people who really did some horrible things.

You might have planned to watch our other list of scary movies based on true stories, so add these to that list.

#10. “The Act Of Killing” (2012) is about the death of approximately 1 millions Indonesians over the course of one year…

Between 1965 and 1966 a communist purge lead by Anwar, was the most powerful killing squad in Sumatra. He personally killed an estimated 1000 people. Available on Netflix, this documentary takes a terrifying turn when the director makes killers re-enact their killings.

#9. “Interview with a Cannibal” (2011) is just what the title says, but it’s even creepier than that…

Issei Sagawa was studying in Paris at the Sorbonne when he murdered his 25-year-old classmate Renée Hartevelt. He lured her to her death, raped and dismembered her, then cannibalized her over a two-day period.

Hearing him recount this experience is more than creepy enough, but what will stick with you is that he’s a free man. He was deported back to Japan after being deemed as unfit for a trial.